Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Link to the new blog

Megan, with Lizzie, made a new blog that Megan will start posting to if she ever actually makes it to Haiti:

Sunday, August 31, 2008

I checked in the nursery my last AM.Nicot and Kervens or is it Kervens and Nicot?
Justin with trash for me.
Daniel with trash too
Evweyone ready for breakfadt
Stephania won my heart.

Anchise is ready to blosom.Is Dave reading?
Caleb is so cool.
The girls eating as I leave
Shack,Samara,Elmise, and Matu
The Boy.
My last glimps as I drove away to the airport.

A fond welcome awaited me in Orlando-Rhe Boone family there to greet me

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cold and rainy Tuesday as Gus bears down on us.Happy with her jacket-Carine not only smiled she did a little dance-sorry no video of it.
Miriam with rain hat(shower cap) and jacket.
Jackets for the kitchen and laundry help-It was cold and rainy Tuesday.Md Jonas has a simle though.
The downstairs boys came to playTues. afternoon. they enjoy the dolls. Jefferson has a back pack.
Hermann has a doll and is wearing his slippers. Others wore them later.
Jonas has a sad face,he wanted the back pack Jefferson had.

Rebecca's legs are getting better-creaming them each day.

Tuesday night in the nursery-Kids helping fold clothes.
Ellie with her glasses in her dress-how cool.
Kathgia watching it all.
Jean Baptist taking a ride before bed time.
Caleb has nice warm jammies on.
Caleb doesn't seem to mind that he is in jail.
Hope the child labor people don't hear of this. Cool Ellie,Kool Kervens,real cool Justin,and spunky Samara lend a hand.

Tues night the young ones were helping fold clothes.
Video time Tues night-Scobydo was playing. Tonight it is Annie again.
Trying to dry clothes-rainy and damp thing are not drying.

Jean Baptist,Rebecca and Anchise were in my room an hour or more and had a great time and made a big mess.
Rebecca likes her back pack.

Anchise kept wanting to go outside-it was very wet on my balcony.
Layla has French fries from MacDonalds for her baby.
Anchise wanted her pretty shoes on today-they are getting small on her,she is a fasrt growing child.

These three chilling out

Layla tends to her baby,Rebecca feeds her baby,Anchise is checking the milk to see if it is too hot for baby, Jean Baptiist has a bottle too.
Rebecca in her hat-then check all the other in it.
Jean Baptist had a fun Check the smile.

Anchise was all smiles today.My hat is not a pretty as theirs but it kept me warm.
Anchise-you had to be here to see all the fun she had today-she jumped,danced,and laughed.

The next group was-Daniel, Ellie,Taina, and Justin. They played 45 min.
Taina happily combing her dolls hair.
Ellie with a couple of dolls.
Justin puting cream on his doll.
Daniel liked playing-at one point he called for Jutann(who is not working today) because he did not get what he wanted.
Who has the nice shoes?
Yes they are being worn by this person.

Justin happy in his shoes. I gave them to Layla to wear on Sunday.
My pictures are down as I pack to leave.